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Pipe Descaling Omaha

Sewer Pipe Descaling

Pipe descaling is a critical part to the function of residential and commercial plumbing systems. Over time, debris and water waste can harden to the pipe and forms what we call scale. The formation of scale can greatly impede the flow of water through your pipes. These issues can be avoided with a regular pipe descaling service.

A pipe will naturally form calcification and scale along its interior lining over time. The buildup will eventually cause loss of water pressure and blockage. Continued buildup of scale and calcification also indicates that the pipe is thinning out and may need replacing or lining.
Descaling Machine will remove all that and solve the Problem. High Volume Water Jet is included with this Price.

Picote Brush Coating™ gives you options.
Prolong the lifespan of an existing pipe. Clean
the pipe well and apply a single (0.5-1mm/
coat) or dual coats of Picote epoxy resin. The
new slick inner surface increases flow inside
the pipe, minimizing the risk of blockages.
Alternatively, apply several coats of the resin
forming a seamless new semi-structural pipe
with a 2-4mm wall thickness depending on the
diameter of the pipe, providing a solution that
should last 30-50 years.
Picote 100% Solids Epoxy is specially
formulated to work in harmony with the
Picote Brush Coating™ System. ASTM
and NSF/61.5 certified. Improve quality
control with the dual-color cartridge


Before and after coating - Omaha Drain
Epoxy Cpated Pipe - Omaha Drain

How Does Pipe Descaling Work?

Pipe descaling works with the use of a hydro jetting system. This shoots out water at high pressure, which helps to remove any scales on sewer and drain pipes. This will help your plumbing system to drain properly and restore its normal flow of water.

If your home or business requires pipe descaling, call Omaha Drain for professional service.

omaha drain pipe descaling

How Scale Can Cause Damage?

Without any regular proper maintenance of your drains lines and sewer lines, your home or business will have some serious issues. The biggest problem is that the flow of water through your faucets and drains will be impeded, leading to backups. Over time scale can cause corrosion to the pipes, which greatly affects their lifespan. 

It's very important you take a proactive approach to this and if you believe your home or business is in need of a professional pipe descaling service, don't hesitate to call

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