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Clogged Kitchen Sink Drain - Omaha, NE

Having a clogged kitchen sink drain is a huge inconvenience, as the sink is one of the most used appliances in your kitchen. If you have a clogged kitchen sink drain, leave it to none other than Omaha’s trusted drain cleaning professionals at Omaha Drain. We offer the lowest drain cleaning prices in and around the Omaha metro area.

Some clogged kitchen sink drains can be unclogged on your own, however, some are more serious and require the help of a professional. For all your kitchen sink clogs, let Omaha Drain clean it up.


Clogged Kitchen Drain Pipe

When you use your sink, you don’t think much about how it is working. Drains have a tough job that we don’t normally think about. Both residential and commercial kitchen sink drains get a lot of daily use and often get large pieces of food and other potentially clogging substances washed down them. If the wrong thing is washed down your drain pipe, your drain stops working properly.

Clogged kitchen drain pipes are some of the most commonly clogged drains as your kitchen sink gets used for both cooking and cleaning up lots of messes! If you notice water not being properly drained down your kitchen sink drain, call Omaha Drain right away, as there is more than likely a clog in your drain pipe. We will come to your home or business to assess the drain problem and get it fixed right away so you can be back to your normal operation again.

How to Tell if Your Drain is Clogged

Your kitchen sink gets more thrown down it than it should. Although your kitchen sink has disposal on it, that doesn’t mean that everything can and should go down the drain. Accidents happen, especially if you have kids, and forks, knives, paper towels all get tossed down into the drain. If you catch anything falling down the drain, immediately turn everything off and try to retrieve it before it gets lodged down too far. NEVER put your hand down the drain if the dish disposal is running.

If you are someone who likes to toss everything down the kitchen drain, now is a great time to STOP doing so. This only creates a bigger problem than you already might have.

The first sign to know that you have a clogged kitchen drain pipe is when water won’t wash down the drain quickly. If you have a double sink and notice that both kitchen drains are clogged, chances are there is a blockage in the drainpipe below the point where both drains join. We highly recommend that you don’t try to unclog the drain yourself as this could result in a much bigger problem. Leave it to the professionals over at Omaha Drain. You can rest easy knowing that a professional, experienced and honest drain tech will be working on your clogged drain.

How to unclog your Kitchen Sink drain

There are four main methods to unclog a kitchen sink drain:

  1. ​Check J Trap: most of the time, the clog is in the J trap so open the J trap and clean it, then put it back to gather. you may need to use a pipe wrench to get the job done and some handyman skills is required sometimes.

  2. if the clog passed the J trap, then the 2nd method is use some over the counter chemicals. it is not recommended if your have galvanized drains or cast iron drains since those chemicals could be harsh on those types of pipes. they however works good with PVC drains.

  3. Using a plunger: apply the plunger tightly against the drain opening and push downward multiple times. that sometimes help open the drain, be carful not to push too hard to cause the whole sink to fell down.

  4. snaking is the third method, which include using a mechanical tool that is known as a  snake and they come in verity of shapes and sizes. the downside of using these are, they may get stuck in the line which may cost you more to repair and could require cutting pipes to get the snake unstuck. also, those snakes may cause injury for untrained personnel. 

Quality Drain Cleaning

Omaha Drain knows that each clog is different and requires different attention. If you have tried to unclog the drain in your kitchen yourself and were unsuccessful, give Omaha Drain a call. We have the proper equipment to handle your kitchen drain needs! We will get your kitchen sink unclogged and back up and running in no time!

We not only offer the lowest drain cleaning prices in the Omaha metro but we also don’t charge extra for after hours. Book online or give us a call today. We are Omaha’s local, trusted drain cleaner offering drain repairs 7 days a week.

Contact Omaha Drain today to set up an appointment to unclog your clogged kitchen sink drain.

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