How to Unclog a Bathtub Drain

How to unclog bathtub drain? $99 Drain Opening by Omaha Drain (402) 740-1777 www. Has your drain clogged again? Whether it’s your job to step up and be the house hero or you just can’t bring yourself to call your dad one more time, we’re here to help. Unclogging your bathtub drain isn’t that tough if you have the right tools, so read on to see what your next steps are. Physical Your hand or a coat hanger: Start by physically pulling out the hair and debris you can access easily. Use some rubber gloves if you need to. If your fingers are too big to fit into the drain, or you are concerned there are sharp objects in the drain, then you can use a metal coat ha

How to Unclog Floor Drain

$99 Drain Opening by Omaha Drain (402) 740-1777 If there’s one thing you don’t want to see when you walk into your basement or garage, it’s two inches of water flooding the floor. Another thing you don’t want to happen is having multiple drains in your house clog at once. If either of these things happened to you, your floor drain is probably clogged. What is a floor drain? A floor drain is the main drain in the lowest part of your basement. It’s job is to collect water and run off from appliances. What do you do when it gets flooded? 1. Stop using all the water in your house: The floor drain is the main drain in your house. This means that all

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